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Alpenfrucht – A family company that knows what the sector needs

The engineer Rudolf Bertolini is the General Manager and main shareholder of Alpenfrucht. He obtained thorough training and education in all fields of beverage technology at the former engineering school for Viniculture, Horticulture, and Beverage Technology in Geisenheim, Rheingau. After successfully earning his degree in Engineering, Mr. Bertolini broadened his skills first as director of the laboratory and then as head of operations in large Italian fruit-processing companies.

As General Manager of one of the leading producers of semi-finished fruit products in Italy, his daily goal was and remains the satisfaction of customer demands – a sometimes challenging task.

In order to meet customer wishes more efficiently and quickly, in 1995, Bertolini GmbH (Ltd.) was founded. Its purpose was to purchase and process industrial fruits and to process them into fruit juice, juice concentrate, and fruit pulp. The processing plants of the Alpenfrucht company (which was founded to process and store fruit products for Bertolini GmbH) are situated in the main fruit-growing regions of Italy: in Tarantasca (Cuneo, Piemont) – a main area of cultivation for apples, pears, and peaches – as well as in Giugliano (Naples-Campania), which is renowned throughout Europe for its apricots and peaches.

Within just a few hours of harvesting, the sun-ripened fruits are delivered to the processing plants, where they are checked and processed. The many hours of sunshine during the growing season and the rapid processing form the basis for the high quality of the resultant fruit products. The gentle treatment in machines capable of quickly processing even large quantities preserves the fruit’s natural quality. In order to quickly and reliably deliver the goods to customers and maintain a high level of quality, large storage capacities are necessary.

The processing plants operated by Alpenfrucht can stock 30 million liters under aseptic (germ-free) conditions, and 6 million kg of fruit juice concentrate. These stocks are used to make the desired mixtures for the juice producers in Germany, France, Netherland, Austria, and the rest of Europe. The standardization of the mixtures, their trackability, and the food safety are made possible largely by the strict quality management and the use of the company’s own labs in all facilities.

Today, constant improvement in all areas and the rapid and reliable fulfillment of customer needs are the cornerstones of the company’s continued success.

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