Our production


The quality of a fruit product is dependent primarily upon the quality of the fruit and their rapid processing:

Alpenfrucht has reliable suppliers in the big Italian fruit-producing areas who can deliver their goods to the nearest processing plant (Tarantasca/CN, Napoli, and Policoro/Matera) in the shortest time. The planning and standardization of the fruit products is another important quality factor. This is the task of the laboratory – each plant has its own lab – and of the Quality Management team.

In the labs, the Brix content (percentage by weight of sugar per 100 grams of product), the pH value, the total titratable acidity, NTU (a measure of turbidity), the viscosity (Bostwick), and last but not least the microbiology (yeasts, mildew, total germ number) as well as sensory parameters are routinely analyzed.

According to the test plan, residues of plant protectants, patulin, heavy metals, and other contaminants are regularly checked by accredited laboratories.

Gemäß Prüfplan werden noch Pflanzenschutzmittelrückstände, Patulin, Schwermetalle und andere Kontaminanten von akkreditierten Labors regelmäßig geprüft.

Quality criteria that are important for the customer are of decisive importance to us, too.